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I've been an instructor at technical programs for more than 20 years.  I've worked at both public institutions as well as for-profit schools.  In that time, I've noticed that both types of schools had their limitations.  Public schools, including community colleges and adult education programs offered affordable programs, but their programs often lacked the depth of training needed for students to pass an industry certification examination.  On the other hand, for-profit institutions often times charged a lot of money; leaving students saddled with debt.  And most of these programs also didn't provide the depth of training needed for a student to pass an industry certification exam.

My goal at Cheap Charlies is to provide students with inexpensive instructor led programs (with prices comparable to the cost of a community college course)  that focus on providing students with the depth of understanding needed to pass industry certification examinations including the CompTIA A+, the Network +, and the Security + exams.


John Tang, Ph.D.



Our Philosophy

The entire point of information systems is to reduce costs for a business or organization by automating existing systems.  Towards that end you can say that IT professionals are "cheap".  It is this context that we came up with the name "Cheap Charlies".  We're going to produce technicians with the requisite skills to continuously improve the business systems used at their workplaces. 

Our History
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